CMKK, investee of CMET, made its first achievement by releasing an AWE hydrogen production equipment with 1000Nm3/h of output capacity
Publish Date:2023-04-03

On March 31st, CM Kah Kee Hydrogen Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (CMKK), invested by CM Energy Tech Co., Ltd. (CMET), released its first self-developed AWE hydrogen production equipment with 1000Nm3/h of output capacity on the Xiamen Science City Kah Kee Laboratory Innovation Forum .

Xiamen Science City Kah Kee Laboratory Innovation Forum by Xiamen University, Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Commission Office (Xiamen Bureau of Science and Technology), hosted by Tan Kah Kee Innovation Laboratory and CM Kah Kee. Academician Yao Jiannian, Academician Xu Chunming, Academician Zheng Lansun, Academician Tian Zhongqun, leaders of Fujian Province and Xiamen City Government, Xiamen University and Tan Kah Kee Laboratory, Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, China University of Geosciences, Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic Development Zone, China Merchants Industrial Holding, CMET, National Power Investment, China Investment Power, China Resources Power, Huadian, CNOOC, CIMC, Sinopec, Xiamen Tungsten, Shanghai Heavy Industry, Shell, etc, Shell and nearly 100 other enterprises and university representatives attended the event.

At the forum, the AWE hydrogen production equipment with 1000Nm3/h of output capacity independently developed by CMKK was officially released. Zhang Canmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Xiamen People's Congress, Jiang Yunbao, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Xiamen University, Academician Tian Zhongqun, Director of Kah Kee Laboratory, Zheng Nanfeng, Executive Deputy Director, Zhang Aijiang, Deputy Director, Yu Zhiliang, Vice General Manager of China Merchants Industry Group and Chairman of CMET, Liu Jiancheng, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Merchants Industry Group, Jiang Binghua, Director of CMET, Huai Zengmin, Vice President of CMET and Gao Xiaogping, Chairman of CMKK unveiled the product. According to the introduction of Gao Xiaoping, Chairman of CMKK, the product has broken through the traditional design and its performance has reached the leading level in the industry, featuring high efficiency and low cost. The product adopts high-efficiency three-dimensional nanostructured electrodes and new electric stack structure, which are independently developed and produced, solving the problem of flow field temperature field, reducing energy consumption, saving energy consumption by 10% compared with traditional electrolyzer, adapting to direct hydrogen production from renewable energy, and significantly reducing equipment input cost.

At the same time, CMKK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xia Tungsten Jiatai, an electrolyzer supply agreement with Pandong Electric, and an strategic agreement of overseas market development with CMET at the conference, joining forces and cooperating with each other to further boost the development of China's renewable sector.

In fact, in recent years, based on traditional energy capital management services and equipment supporting, CMET has continued to optimize its business structure and accelerate its industrial layout in the field of renewable equipment such as offshore wind power and hydrogen energy. 2021 At the end of the year, CMET and Tan Kah Kee Laboratory made an in-depth cooperation based on the high-efficiency alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production project and established the joint venture CMKK. The company focuses on the research and development and mass production of large scale-cube and high current density hydrogen production equipment, innovates electrode and diaphragm materials, optimizes electrolyzer structure, improves energy conversion efficiency, and forms the overall business model of R&D, production and sales of electrolytic water hydrogen production products.

The official release of the AWE hydrogen production equipment with 1000Nm3/h of output capacity has created a successful example of cooperation between domestic colleges and universities and enterprises in industry-university-research, marking that the company has stepped into the main track of hydrogen energy industry. Later, the company's products will enter the market and play a key role in the dual carbon strategy of wind power hydrogen production, photovoltaic hydrogen production and offshore hydrogen production, and then make its own contribution to the construction of a clean and efficient energy system, the development of hydrogen energy industry and the guarantee of energy security in China.