Awarded "Golden Wutong" Best Internal Governance Award for Listed Companies, CMIC Spoke on the Roundtable Dialogue on Smart Manufacturing
Publish Date:2022-12-29

On December 28, 2022, the Listed Companies Investment Value Summit and China Investment Fund Star Summit 2022, jointly organized by China Association of Industrial Cooperation, JiAn Jinxin and Titanium Media, was successfully held in Shenzhen.

The event gathered hundreds of senior people from government, enterprises, investment institutions, universities and institutes, media, professional services, etc., national leaders, leaders of regulatory departments, He Jie, director of Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision Administration, Chu Xuping, former director of the Research Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Li Yang, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, director of the Capital Finance Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law Liu Jipeng, Deputy Director of the Independent Board of Directors of China Listed Companies Association, Hong Xiaoyuan, General Manager and Director of China Merchants Financial Holding Group, Lu Kejian, General Secretary of the Party General Branch and General Manager of China Merchants Venture Capital, Gu Liji, former Chairman of China Merchants Technology Group and former Chairman of Supervisors of Ping An Group, Xu Yong, General Manager of China Merchants Fund, Lu Zhenwei, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Venture Capital, Xiang Songjo, famous economist and President of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Financial Research Institute, famous economist and former director of the Institute of Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance, Jia Kang, and many other well-known personalities made an appearance, attracting wide attention from the capital market.

Mr. Wang Yong, President of CMIC, was invited to attend the event and participated in the roundtable dialogue, together with the moderator, Mr. Lu Kejian, General Manager of China Merchants Venture Capital, and three other guests, including Mr. Zhang Wenyu, Vice President of Tianqi Lithium, Mr. Qin Shilong, Vice General Manager of TCL Zhonghuan, Mr. Pan Hua, Vice General Manager of Greenmax, and Mr. He Chuan, CTO of Junpu Intelligence China, to have a dialogue and discuss "Smart Manufacturing Industry in China".

Mr. Wang Yong said, at present, China's manufacturing industry is actively adapting to the new trend of intelligent manufacturing development, and has seized the advantageous position in some key areas and technologies. The focus of attention of CMIC is on green energy equipment manufacturing, which has been always around the orderly promotion of scientific and technological research and development, especially in the field of offshore wind power and hydrogen energy core equipment, forward-looking layout, key breakthroughs, devote us to assist on Chinese manufacturing to climb up to the high-end of the global value chain.

Since its establishment in 1995, CMIC has been developing in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing for international offshore oil and gas energy, from international brand agency, overseas technology mergers and acquisitions, independent research and development innovation, to finally improve the overall localization rate of offshore oil and gas energy high-end equipment, independent research and development of China's first core equipment 85% localization rate of offshore oil drilling rigs, breaking the long-term foreign monopoly of high-end oil and gas equipment situation, adding another piece of China's marine strategy of great power.

In recent years, based on precision manufacturing technology, CMIC has actively transformed into green equipment manufacturing. For the next step, based on its existing advantages, CMIC will actively respond to the target of “dual carbon” action of our major shareholder China Merchants Group, grasp the opportunity of "dual carbon" development, give full play to the advantages of green energy equipment technology and experience, collaborate with China Merchants' internal high-quality resources, accelerate the layout of offshore wind power and hydrogen energy industries, and effectively promote the company's green energy technology. The company will also take the initiative to integrate into the national strategy of high-quality development and help China's "new economy" to run faster.

It is worth noting that the "Golden Wutong" Award Ceremony of the 2022 China Listed Companies Investment Value Summit was held on the same day. With outstanding internal governance and management, CMIC was awarded the honor of "Golden Wutong" for the best internal governance of listed companies. Also shortlisted were well-known companies such as CGNPC Mining, China Baoan, Greenmarket, and State Grid ICT.

The selection is based on the "Competitive Analysis" report of nearly 5000 Chinese listed companies, ESG-V rating report of nearly 5000 Chinese listed companies, credit and audit inspection and investment value report of nearly 5000 Chinese listed companies as important reference indicators, and comprehensive data dimension, brand dimension and development potential. The final evaluation is made by the expert jury. According to the information, Jinan Jinxin is one of the only two organizations in China with "fund rating, fund evaluation and award, independent third party", and has been providing data operation services for securities investment funds and listed company audits for the Securities Regulatory Commission for years.

All along, CMIC has been actively responding to the process of globalization and green energy transformation, leading with independent innovation, continuing to develop deeply into the field of green energy technology, helping to promote the transformation of the energy industry and the realization of the goal of zero carbon emissions, and increasing its support for the green transformation of industry and the efficient development of green technology. The successful shortlisting of CMIC for the award is the market's recognition of CMIC's comprehensive strength and an incentive for CMIC. In the future, with the new energy industry guiding policies landing one after another, both offshore wind power and hydrogen energy are considered as important directions for the development of strategic emerging industries, and CMIC will continue to grasp the "dual carbon" wind gap, solve various pain points in the green energy equipment industry chain that are difficult to break through, resonate with the national development, and help China's "Made in China" and "Created in China" will accelerate the lane change and move towards high quality development.