Another RMB 141 million order added to the book, CMIC’s offshore wind power business seeing steady growth
Publish Date:2022-12-23

Recently, TSC Offshore Technology Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMIC (00206.HK), receives the order from China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu), a member of China Merchants Group, for the complete set of equipment for the 2000-ton wind power installation platform of China Railway Bridge Bureau in Haimen, Jiangsu. TSC will provide the complete set of jacking system, 400-ton main crane, folding boom crane and other core equipment for the wind power installation platform. This newly signed order of 2000 tons wind power installation platform for China Railway Bridge Bureau is the second cooperation between TSC and CMHI Jiangsu after the 1600-ton wind power installation platform, providing the latest generation of large wind power installation products for ship owners.

In past few years, China's offshore wind power industry has developed rapidly, and the scale and speed of development have reached the first place in the world. With the increasing tension of offshore resources and the trend of large-scale wind turbines, the future offshore wind power industry will definitely develop to the deep sea, which also puts forward new requirements and more serious challenges for professional offshore wind power installation equipment. With years of accumulation and experience in the offshore field, as well as quality and brand advantages in the manufacturing of high-end offshore equipment, CMIC has now become a market-leading manufacturer of core equipment for wind power installation platforms (full set of jacking systems, electric control system, cranes, etc.) since its successful transformation in 2020.

Starting from this year, CMIC has won a series of large orders on the core equipment of wind power installation platform and has recently signed sales contracts with Yantai CIMC Raffles and China Merchants Offshore Equipment Research Institution for the jacking system of large offshore wind power installation platform respectively. Next, CMIC will continue to take the "dual carbon" strategy as the goal, hold high the banner of China Merchants Group's green energy, fully leverage on its advantages and specialization, actively collaborate with China Merchants Groups' internal resources, and jointly provide better products and services to customers, as well as make its own contribution to the transformation of global energy structure.