MPS appoints TSC to support the development of their unique deployment system
Publish Date:2022-08-01
TSC Engineering Ltd (“TSC Engineering”) has been selected to support Marine Power Systems with the design and development of their unique tensioner deployment system, to be used on their megawatt scale commercial demonstrator at BiMEP in northern Spain.

TSC Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMIC based in the UK, is dedicated to high-end equipment manufacturing for offshore engineering projects. CMIC has solved several crucial technology problems in the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy industry and has vast experience in high-end equipment design and manufacturing, operation and maintenance services and asset management. During the high growth development phase of China's offshore wind power market over the past two years, the company has provided several equipment solutions for wind turbine installation and operations and their maintenance platforms.

Marine Power Systems’ unique and flexible technology is the only solution of its type that can be configured to harness wind and wave energy, either as a combined solution or on their own, in deep water. The structurally efficient floating platform, PelaFlex, brings excellent stability and straightforward deployment and maintenance. Their PelaGen wave energy converter represents advanced technology and generates energy at an extremely competitive cost of energy.

Marine Power Systems’ offshore platform technology offers best in class cost compared with its peers due to the significantly reduced system mass. Moreover, its modular and flexible design, enables optimum local content delivery through a decentralised logistics model. These benefits provide utility scale developers maximum flexibility between reducing cost and increasing local economic benefits, whilst in parallel accelerating farm deployment at scale.

The deployment system is used to execute the submersion of the platform and hook-up to the moorings when the platform is on site. The system simplifies the hook-up process and eliminates the need for large and specialist vessels for the deployment. It also improves the safety of installation with the whole operation controlled remotely with no personnel onboard during the tensioning operation. The system is removable and once a platform is fully deployed it is removed and utilised on the next platform being installed at the site. This spreads the cost of the hardware across the whole farm and along with savings on time and vessels makes the overall approach highly cost effective.

Graham Foster, CTO at Marine Power Systems commented, “We are continuing to build our best-in- class team here at Marine Power Systems. Our partners and suppliers are very much part of that team and this latest collaboration with the team at TSC brings invaluable experience in equipment design and complex offshore engineering projects.”

Bing Hua Jiang, CEO of the CMIC Group commented, “This marks a significant milestone for the successful entry of CMIC's offshore wind power technology into the global market. We are delighted to be awarded this contract to supply this unique tensioner deployment system to MPS and we highly value this opportunity to work with MPS, who we see as one of the most innovative and revolutionary companies in harnessing wind and wave energy.”